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Newsletters from Tanzania

Our staff in Tanzania regularly put together a newsletter which is sent to volunteers working in Tanzania at the time, those signed up to join a project in Tanzania and to previous volunteers. The newsletters contain information about the country and our projects, stories written by volunteers, advice on what to expect when volunteering abroad in Tanzania and much more. If you're considering overseas voluntary work the newsletters are a great way to gain a better idea of what to expect.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Nicolas Villamil
    Tanzania Newsletter - August 2014

    I've always known I wanted to volunteer abroad. Not only did it help me clarify what I want to become when I attend university, but it is also something I had in my mind for a while now and when the opportunity came, I said why not.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Caroline Tieck
    Tanzania Newsletter - July 2014

    She extended her stay in Tanzania because of the positive treatment she received from her host family as well as in her placements. Caroline is grateful for the experience she had and says that “Projects Abroad really helps volunteers to find their hidden talents.” Upon returning home, Caroline is planning to become a paediatrician or a midwife.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Gillian
    Tanzania Newsletter - June 2014

    Gillian (47) and Jacob (12) are a mother and son from Canada, who are travelling the world together. “I travelled when I was young and I know that the best way to learn is by meeting new people and seeing new places. I wanted to do it again and I also wanted Jacob to experience it.”Gillian says.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Sayuni Mero
    Tanzania Newsletter - May 2014

    Ten volunteers along with two staff members from Projects Abroad participated in a medical outreach program. The group went to visit students from the Kimara Baruti School.Around 249 children, boys and girls, had a medical examination.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Linni Ingemundsen
    Tanzania Newsletter - April 2014

    Thirty-two Projects Abroad volunteers and eight staff members came together for a Dirty Day on Friday, the 14th of March in the Meserani village. Last month, we planted a tree fence around the future location of “Projects Abroad Academy”. Now it is time to start the building of the school.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Matteo Zardini
    Tanzania Newsletter - March 2014

    “I wanted to try a new experience in a new context with the target of helping people less lucky than me,” says 23-year-old Matteo Zardini from Italy. Matteo recently completed studies at Universita Catiolica Del Sacro Cuore (Milan), where he studied economics, business and administration.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Tyler Rowe
    Tanzania Newsletter - February 2014

    Tyler Rowe (31) spent 2 months volunteering at West Meru Hospital. Tyler who received his undergraduate degree in international relations is planning to pursue a medical degree upon returning to the United States. Before leaving the country, Tyler send emails and launched a Facebook Page to encourage his family and friends to donate money that would help buy much needed medical equipment for the hospital.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Karibu Sana
    Tanzania Newsletter - January 2014

    The rich culture and deep routed traditions of the Maasai tribe are well-known in Tanzania. As a volunteer on the Maasai Community project you will experience a unique and rare insight into their way of life. If you want to be surrounded by beautiful scenery, be exposed to a completely different way of life and work alongside members of this distinct tribe, then this is the project for you.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Genna Verbeek
    Tanzania Newsletter - December 2013

    “I’m in my sixth year of medical studies in Australia and as part of our course we do a 6 week elective. We can do it anywhere in the world, but I had a friend who recently came to Tanzania and said it was an amazing experience.” Genna signed up with a medical placement. She lived with a Tanzanian host family and volunteered full time at a government hospital.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Water project
    Tanzania Newsletter - November 2013

    Following the success of several Water & Sanitation Projects worldwide, Projects Abroad and partners, BridgIT Water are returning to Tanzania in January 2014 to continue with their life changing work. One of the Directors of BridgIT Water, Wendy Tisdell visited Jamaica as a volunteer with Projects Abroad in April 2008.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Jeffrey Hammond
    Tanzania Newsletter - October 2013

    “Keep an open mind, open heart and be prepared to help in ways you haven’t previously considered,” advises Jeffrey Hammond (34) after completing a one month medical volunteer placement in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Eric Thibault
    Tanzania Newsletter - September 2013

    Eric Thibault says his daughter Gabrielle (16) was the inspiration for their two week trip to Tanzania. “She always wanted to participate in a humanitarian project abroad. We decided to turn this into a family experience.” Along with Eric, his wife Natalie and son Guillaume (14) departed Quebec, Canada in August to work on the Building Project at Suma Engikaret School.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Lowri
    Tanzania Newsletter - August 2013

    “This project has helped me in applying to university as it is something different which will make me stand out from everyone else,” explains Lowri Evans. Lowri (17), a student at Bishopston Comprehensive School, participated in the Two Week High School Medical Special.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Benjamin
    Tanzania Newsletter - July 2013

    Benjamin Bekele’s (30) journey from Sweden to Tanzania began with an interest in learning more about tropical diseases in a non-Western hospital environment. His search led him to Projects Abroad Tanzania.The hospital placement in Dar Es Salaam was a good fit for Ben, who is employed with Malmo University Hospital in Sweden.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Karlijn Kemmeren
    Tanzania Newsletter - June 2013

    Karlijn Kemmeren spent two months from June through to August of 2012 volunteering at a special needs school in Arusha, Tanzania. After completing her project, Karlijn wanted to donate 1,000,000tsh to a care project that was in need.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Chairwomen meeting
    Tanzania Newsletter - May 2013

    In April, we had a chairwomen meeting at Projects Abroad office. The women found it to be a success. The group was formally introduced to each other. Advice, stories of successes and failures, general information about the groups and contact information were all exchanged.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Microfinance
    Tanzania Newsletter - April 2013

    The month of March has been a whirlwind of loan disbursements. The beginning of the month consisted of finishing up the final trainings for two of the three newest groups and handing out loan applications. The Microfinance Team members held meetings to decide who would receive the loans.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - FILM PRODUCTION
    Tanzania Newsletter - March 2013

    If you are studying media, journalism or a related subject, and have a passion for film production then we have the perfect project for you in Tanzania. Enthusiastic and motivated volunteers with some experience are needed to help lead film production workshops, participate in training sessions, and expose local young people to the opportunities involved in film production in Africa.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - Water Project
    Tanzania Newsletter - February 2013

    The Water & Sanitation Project was completed ahead of schedule! The project began on January 14 and was initially scheduled for four weeks, but due to participation of the seven volunteers and the surrounding community, the village of Endulenis now enjoying clean and safe drinking water.

  • Newsletter from Tanzania - David Powis
    Tanzania Newsletter - January 2013

    After the hard toil on the Building project, we have been pushing some pens in the office developing the microfinance initiative (actually it has involved a number of field visits, and work in the evenings at home).