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Newsletters from Senegal

Our staff in Senegal regularly put together a newsletter which is sent to volunteers working in Senegal at the time, those signed up to join a project in Senegal and to previous volunteers. The newsletters contain information about the country and our projects, stories written by volunteers, advice on what to expect when volunteering abroad in Senegal and much more. If you're considering overseas voluntary work the newsletters are a great way to gain a better idea of what to expect.

  • Newsletter from Senegal - The group of Two Week Specials
    Senegal Newsletter - August 2014

    However, the two weeks were not only about renovating that Talibe Centre; the two week special also had memorable moments at the swimming pools and patisseries of the city. After long days of hard work, they were always taken out by one or two of the member of staff.

  • Newsletter from Senegal - The group of Two Week Specials
    Senegal Newsletter - July 2014

    The first group of Two Week Specials arrived in Saint Louis to make a long lasting change in the community. It seems a bit impossible to make such an impact in only two weeks, however with the Projects Abroad Care and Community program it ispossible.

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Mamadou et Fodé
    Senegal Newsletter - June 2014

    Mamadou & Fodé sont des meilleurs amis originaires de Guinée-Bissau (Candjufa) qui se connaissent depuis leur plus jeune âge…Ils sont cousins et ont grandi sous le même toit… En 2006, Mamadou arrive à Saint-Louis du Sénégal-ville connue pour fournir un apprentissage de qualité du Coran. Il y reste pour appendre le Coran dans un Daara.

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Tadaoki Watanabe
    Senegal Newsletter - May 2014

    Tadaoki Watanabe from Japan chose to come to Senegal for six months with the Projects Abroad Language course program. His teacher’s name is Abdoulaye Ndiaye, the director of a school partner with Projects Abroad.

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Linda Wood
    Senegal Newsletter - April 2014

    Linda Wood, care volunteer at the ASF Care centre, organized another food distribution for the talibes children. This time she chose to change the menu that they were usually given; rice and meat.

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Lisa Meier
    Senegal Newsletter - March 2014

    On the 8th of March women were celebrated everywhere around the world. Our volunteers took part to the celebration in a really special way. A young and talented female stylist invited five of our volunteers to participate on a fashion parade dedicated to women’s courage, strength, commitment and ambition.

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Anonymous donator
    Senegal Newsletter - February 2014

    We received a great donation from an anonymous donator from the United Kingdom. The amount is £500 which corresponds to 394 000 fcfa. Our Country Director, Moctar handed the money to Elena Fischer (Switzerland), the volunteer in charge of the finance at our Day-care centre.
    Whoever the donator is, we address them our most grateful thanks on behalf of the 'talibé' children in Saint-Louis.

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Christmas
    Senegal Newsletter - January 2014

    We celebrated Christmas at our deputy director's house. To insure an exchange of gifts on Christmas, we did a little game some days before. All the names of the staff members and volunteers were written out on pieces of paper and mixed, each one then had to choose a piece of paper and buy a Christmas gift for the person whose name was on the piece of paper. And of course, everything had to be a secret until Christmas...

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Marc Grossman
    Senegal Newsletter - December 2013

    Marc Grossman is a former care volunteer from Germany who worked for two months at the ASF Care Centre. The ASF care centre is a place where the street children, known as Talibes, come to benefit from the assistance of Projects Abroad volunteers, as they teach the children and treat their wounds.

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Joke Van Eylen
    Senegal Newsletter - November 2013

    Joke Van Eylen, desk officer for Projects Abroad Senegal for two years has arrived at the end of her contract. On Thursday, 31st of October we celebrated the special moments we shared with her with some chocolate and drinks! We expressed our gratitude and respect for the great work she did in Senegal!

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Lorella Brignardello
    Senegal Newsletter - October 2013

    I have another family composed by the staff of Projects Abroad and by the staff of ASF. The experience is not over … it is not a goodbye, but a see you soon. Forever in my heart!

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Fabian Zissel
    Senegal Newsletter - September 2013

    The Microfinance Project in Senegal aims at helping Talibés to secure a sustainable future for themselves through small scale entrepreneurship. Our team came up with the idea of selling pizza in Saint-Louis’ suburbs.

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Habib and Fina
    Senegal Newsletter - August 2013

    August was HOOOOOT, but the heat was not enough to stop our volunteers. Our second group of 2 Week Specials have completed their work and we welcomed our third and last group of 2 Weekers for 2013. "They all did a really great job. We were glad to work with all of them," said Moussa, the builder and El Hadji the painter.

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Human Right
    Senegal Newsletter - July 2013

    We attended a really interesting course about Children's Rights with our Human Rights volunteer Rob Cole (UK). Every Wednesday, Thursday and Monday, people from different ages and from different areas in Saint Louis come to attend the classes in order to learn about their rights.

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Gretchen McCarthy
    Senegal Newsletter - June 2013

    As I walked upstairs I could feel their excitement. The boys were running around everywhere looking for pencils and markers. They would color in their design as fast as possible so that they could do another. When they were done they brought them to us because we hang them on the walls in the center.

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Jazz Festivals
    Senegal Newsletter - May 2013

    Jazz first became popular here in the 1930s when records produced in Cuba were aired on the radio in St. Louis. After WWII, visiting U.S. soldiers popularized jazz bands, and by the 1950s jazz took root, and St. Louis has been enjoying jazz ever since.

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Dirty Day
    Senegal Newsletter - April 2013

    Dirty day : Renovating a Daara ( House of Street children ). We had our second dirty day in Senegal! The first one was a beach cleaning and this time it was the turn of the Daaras! The objective was to renovate the whole Daara so that Talibes will feel more comfortable in their house!

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Dirty Day
    Senegal Newsletter - March 2013

    A Dirty Day was organised by Projects Abroad in collaboration with an association named ‘’Week-end à tout Coeur’’ in Saint Louis. The aim was to clean and protect the border of the sea. It was Sunday 24th of February 2013, and all the volunteers and staff of Projects Abroad were there to give a helping hand to the young and dynamic Senegalese boys dreaming of the success of their country...

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Care Update
    Senegal Newsletter - February 2013

    Andree Anne is an ambulance technician from Canada who always wanted to come to Africa to help! "Travelling in Africa and helping the local people has always been a dream for me since I was about four or five-years-old." Her motivation was a documentary she saw about poverty in Africa and particularly in Senegal.

  • Newsletter from Senegal - Jasmine Salmi
    Senegal Newsletter - January 2013

    Jasmine Salmi was an intern at She has been here for two months and did many interviews, articles and edits. From her articles, this little story about a Korean-born artist who did an exposition in Saint Louis.