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Newsletters from Peru

Our staff in Peru regularly put together a newsletter which is sent to volunteers working in Peru at the time, those signed up to join a project in Peru and to previous volunteers. The newsletters contain information about the country and our projects, stories written by volunteers, advice on what to expect when volunteering abroad in Peru and much more. If you're considering overseas voluntary work the newsletters are a great way to gain a better idea of what to expect.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Taricaya Peru
    Peru Newsletter - January 2015

    On the 5th of November, Taricaya celebrated its 13th anniversary. For Director Stuart Timson, it was amazing to think back on how much Taricaya has been able to do during this time period, with the help of close to 2000 volunteers to date.

  • Newsletter from Peru - John and Jill Hughes
    Peru Newsletter - January 2015

    Former teachers, John and Jill Hughes have swapped the British winter for Peru's rainy play an instrumental role in the important work Projects Abroad does to improve the standards of English teaching in regional schools.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Kitty Lam
    Peru Newsletter - December 2014

    Kitty Lam, from Hong Kong, is a professional dentist with ten years of experience, who took the challenge of joining us to discover South America. “I decided to allow myself the time to do this. You can keep postponing, but the time is now”, she says.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Emile Charles
    Peru Newsletter - November 2014

    My nicest memory is that of Machu Picchu and the hike up to Wayna Picchu. We arrived at dawn and the mist first prevented us from having an overview of the site, but little by little the mist disappeared and we could discover this Inca marvel.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Pascal Brunner
    Peru Newsletter - October 2014

    Hi there! My name is Pascal Brunner and I'm currently volunteering as a basketball tacher in the local club, as well as at a public school in Urubama. I will stay one more month in Peru and for the past two months that I have been here, I have anjoyed every bit of my time. The idea of volunteering with Projects Abroad is more than just teaching basketball. On the contrary, It's all about speaking the language, getting to know the culture and more than any-thing else, being in contact with the local people.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Tyler Stutzman
    Peru Newsletter - September 2014

    Tyler Stutzman is 23 years old and has travelled to Peru from the United States to do the sports project offered by Projects Abroad. Tyler's background is firmly rooted in sport. He recently graduated from Stanford University where he studied Political Science but had a scholarship for athletics, which made him a perfect volunteer at the Apu Pitusiray Football Academy.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Molly Day
    Peru Newsletter - August 2014

    Molly felt that perhaps less people were considering a gap year these days but her adivice to people sitting on the fence is simple: "Just do it. It's worth it, I've got so much out of this."

  • Newsletter from Peru - Claudine Balsiger
    Peru Newsletter - July 2014

    Claudine has been extremely dedicated to her placement and was constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of education that the children were receiving. There were so many moments that Claudine will remember when she returns home. The children and parents organized a small goodbye party for her with local food made in typical adobe ovens called 'huatias'. The words of thanks from the parents were a lovely end to a great experience in this tiny community.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Mikaylie Page
    Peru Newsletter - June 2014

    Mikaylie Page, a volunteer from Australia, painted flags on faces in celebration of the World Cup in Brazil. We also threw a tiny party and handed out footballs to the children.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Alex Milgrom
    Peru Newsletter - May 2014

    A four month placement in medicine is Alex’s way of getting to know his profession a little better, and his time at Antonio Lorena hospital in Cusco has already given him some great experience.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Denise Blake
    Peru Newsletter - April 2014

    Denise Blake is a professional, veteran teacher from Canada who joined our Teacher Training programme in January of 2014.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Bjorn Andrews
    Peru Newsletter - March 2014

    Björn Andrews is nineteen and from Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. He recently left school, and before throwing himself into a mechanical engineering degree, he made the decision to pack his bags and head for South America to learn more about the world.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Ron Picard
    Peru Newsletter - February 2014

    Ron Picard got involved with Projects Abroad in 2011. His younger son, Renn, had turned 16 and as the Christmas break approached, they were keen to get away from the routine of work and high school and spend some time doing something together. Renn was keen on the idea of doing something meaningful, such as volunteering, and so his mother discovered Projects Abroad online.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Jonathan
    Peru Newsletter - January 2014

    Jonathan and Sam Hopkin-son are a father and son pairing from Adelaide in Australia. Both were born in the North of England but have spent much of their time in Australia, which they now consider their home. It's particularly nice to see a family group with us and the two of them have an easy and comfortable way with one another that is quite conta-gious.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Andrew Bruton
    Peru Newsletter - December 2013

    My name is Andrew, I’m somehow 37 years old all of a sudden despite this seeming impossible, and I’m delighted to be Projects Abroad’s new Information Man-ager for Peru. I have been in the office for nearly a month now and have enjoyed getting to know everyone and learning about our various projects in the region. I’ve had a couple of chances to get out and about to meet some of our current volunteers but there may be some of you that I still haven’t caught up with.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Melanie Schwartz
    Peru Newsletter - October 2013

    My name is Mélanie and I have worked in many different positions within Projects Abroad since March 2012. A few weeks ago I landed in Peru to join a brand new Projects Abroad Team: The Research & Training Centre. If you had told me four years ago, when I was a care volunteer myself, that I would be here in Peru doing what I’m doing, then I wouldn’t have believed you. Truthfully, I could not be happier about how things have turned out.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Turtle
    Peru Conservation Newsletter - October 2013

    The turtle project has been another very exciting month. October is the start of the hatching season for all of the eggs that we gathered in previous months. It wasn’t been easy though- this year has been especially difficult because of attacks from ants and wasps infesting the beaches and causing many of the eggs to not develop at all.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Little Lucky
    Peru Conservation Newsletter - September 2013

    We have achieved some great things in the rescue centre this month. This began with the recapture of one of our Margays. Several months ago she managed to escape during a routine cage cleaning and ran off into the forest. We tried searching for her but gave up after a few weeks.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Caiman
    Peru Conservation Newsletter - August 2013

    As part of our on-going efforts to support staff education, we have been helping our staff vet to finish her thesis. Carmen has been with us since March this year and has decided to focus her thesis on Caimans.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Karolien Pazmany
    Peru Newsletter - August 2013

    I am Karolien Pazmany, 23-years-old and am living in Belgium. Last year, I finished my masters in archaeology and was looking for some experience abroad before starting real life work.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Turtle Project
    Peru Conservation Newsletter - July 2013

    The turtle project is one of the biggest projects of the year for us, something we have been doing for many years now and have had huge success with, and it's the namesake of Taricaya Ecological Reserve.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Lily
    Peru Newsletter - July 2013

    Lily participated in all of the extracurricular activities, parades, walks, cook outs, parties; “she is a French with a Peruvian heart” said the teacher who worked with her. Now that she is gone, the children keeps asking ‘when will Lily be back?’ soon, I tell them, soon…Keep your promise dear Lily, do the things you planned and come back to visit your kids who really love you.

  • Newsletter from Peru - TV Time
    Peru Conservation Newsletter - June 2013

    During this time we were also involved in a Peruvian Tv show, Giovana and her camera crew work for a TV latina, which is a fairly popular channel based in Lima. The show 5x24 is about Giovana and her adventures around Peru doing extreme activities, she’s worked with Peruvian national volleyball team, she was a Special forces soldier for a week and she’s joined us…

  • Newsletter from Peru - Florence
    Peru Newsletter - June 2013

    As I was volunteering for three months I had the opportunity to take two weeks off as holiday. Before Easter I went traveling with my friends Sacha and Roxane. We had condors swoop over our heads in the Colca Canyon near Arequipa; island hopped on Lake Titicaca staying at the captain´s house one night; watched the sun set over the lake’ walked across the border to Bolivia;

  • Newsletter from Peru - Sensor Cameras
    Peru Conservation Newsletter - May 2013

    We have re-started another project in Taricaya this month; something we piloted many years ago was the use of Sensor cameras in Projects Abroad conservation projects. A sensor camera is a self-contained unit about the size of a bag of flour which has an infra-red sensor, flash, light sensor and display panels built into it.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Party time
    Peru Newsletter - May 2013

    Over the last few weeks, the streets and squares in both Urubamba and Cusco have come alive during the evenings with troupes of young people practicing their traditional dances for various parades and festivals over the coming months.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Simba
    Peru Conservation Newsletter - April 2013

    Another month and another new member of staff has joined Taricaya! In April we said hello and welcome to Salvador who is an entomologist or insect expert. Salvador will be with us for the foreseeable future helping us in an area where we have virtually no information.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Kristina Prunskis
    Peru Newsletter - April 2013

    Now that I'm back home and my experience in Peru and with Projects Abroad is left as a memory, I am finally able to step back and see everything as a whole. How is it that in only a few months, I can make the closest friends I have ever had, I can work the hardest I have ever worked, I can be as scared and vulnerable as I have ever been in my entire life, I can learn and experience more than all of high school combined.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Monkey Cages
    Peru Conservation Newsletter - March 2013

    It's been another amazing month in Taricaya. Lots of volunteers have meant we could really advance with many of our projects and as the year continues to look very good we have begun planning for even more work in the coming months!

  • Newsletter from Peru - Erika Moorcroft
    Peru Newsletter - March 2013

    When I was asked to write summary of my experience on the Inca project with a few photos, I thought it would be easy. Then I realized that it couldn’t be summarized. I had the best time of my life! I climbed mountains, saw ruins thousands of years old, found ceramics that were used, not only Inca but another culture before. This has been the most amazing and rewarding experience I will ever have!

  • Newsletter from Peru - Livia Berg
    Peru Newsletter - February 2013

    Maybe it´s the Andes and the simplicity of life. Maybe it´s the friendliness, patience, and graciousness of everyone I meet. Maybe it´s the synergy among every aspect that has rebooted me into a new calm, self-aware state of mind.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Animal Rescue Centre
    Peru Conservation Newsletter - January 2013

    During the last few months we have been incredibly busy working on the Animal Rescue Centre, new buildings, new enclosures, fixing old ones and enriching the cages so the animals are sufficiently stimulated during the day.

  • Newsletter from Peru - Florbela Blenkinsop
    Peru Newsletter - January 2013

    When I decided to volunteer in Peru with Projects Abroad I knew I did not have the average profile. People in my circle of friends thought that volunteering is for teenagers, people on gap years and definitely not for the over 30’s, but with my daughters grown and gone (one to work abroad, another away from home at University), I grew more and more restless. I wanted to feel useful and help people.