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Newsletters from Argentina

Our staff in Argentina regularly put together a newsletter which is sent to volunteers working in Argentina at the time, those signed up to join a project in Argentina and to previous volunteers. The newsletters contain information about the country and our projects, stories written by volunteers, advice on what to expect when volunteering abroad in Argentina and much more. If you're considering overseas voluntary work the newsletters are a great way to gain a better idea of what to expect.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Marina Fuchtemann
    Argentina Newsletter - January 2015

    After finishing high school last July, at only 18 years old, Marina left her hometown, Gehrde, at the north of Germany, for a 4-month experience abroad.
    When she was 6 years old, she started practicing acrobatics on horseback, and, at 14 she started to ride, which became one of her favourite hobbies.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Inés Mariani
    Argentina Newsletter - December 2014

    Welcome to the December edition of our Newsletter for Projects Abroad Argentina! This newsletter aims to inform all of our volunteers about news and information on the latest happenings at our projects! We encourage everyone to join us by sending in your own written articles and pictures of your experiences here with us.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Sophie Stiekema
    Argentina Newsletter - October 2014

    After having travelled for more than twenty-six hours, I finally arrived in Cordoba. I hadn't slept on the plane but I couldn't feel the lack of sleep as the excitement rushed through me. I was nervous to be so far away from home, but at the same time, happy, as a whole new world would open up to me.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Copa De Leche
    Argentina Newsletter - June 2014

    As you may know, we work with several of our projects in the Blas Pascal neighborhood (our Law & Human Rights volunteers, Care vol-unteers and recently, a Teaching Project). As part of our ongoing efforts to help the people from the commu-nity, we held a Dirty Day to help clean up the area. Also, we meas-ured the length and width of one of the empty fields so we can start preparing the land to be turned into a soccer field.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Eilish Hanna
    Argentina Newsletter - May 2014

    Medicine volunteer Eilish Hanna (UK) gave a very practical workshop to medicine volunteers to teach some basic medicine techniques. Eilish is in her last year of medical school in Manchester, and offered to give this workshop to help educate the other volunteers, understanding that many have not yet begun to study medicine.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Pieter Baecke
    Argentina Newsletter - April 2014

    Until two weeks ago I was a volunteer with the Veterinary Project with Projects Abroad and right now I am doing the Journalism Project. Both are in Argentina and in total I will be staying here for five and a half months. Halfway through my stay I was asked to write about my experience here so far. Here goes.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Helene Bichet
    Argentina Newsletter - March 2014

    Looking on the Internet, I happened to land on the Projects Abroad website. Taking a close look and after comparing with others associations, I quickly decided on doing a Care Project in Argentina for 2 months.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Guillermo Cogorno
    Argentina Newsletter - February 2014

    In ancient Greece, Socrates was reputed to hold knowledge in high esteem. One day an acquaintance met the great philosopher and said, “Do you know what I just heard about your friend?” “Hold on a minute”, Socrates replied. “Before telling me anything I’d like you to pass a little test. It’s called the Triple Filter Test.”

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Camille Schoallert
    Argentina Newsletter - January 2014

    18 year old Camille Schoallert first learned about Argentina while studying Spanish in high school in Belgium. She was intrigued by the people, language and the diverse landscapes that she saw in photos and knew that one day she would like to discover Argentina for herself. When she finished high school, she decided to take the opportunity to travel and volunteer before entering university.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Dental hygiene day
    Argentina Newsletter - December 2013

    On Friday November 22nd, medicine volunteer Jan Kleefeldt (Germany) visited the Ricardo Nassif Pri-mary School to give a lesson on dental hygiene to a classroom of 10-year old children. With the help of volunteer coordinators Roman and Natalia, the ac-tivity was organized in an informative yet fun way for the kids to learn the importance of brushing their teeth.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Medical
    Argentina Newsletter - November 2013

    On Thursday November 8th medicine volunteers visited the nearby town of Cosquin for a visit to a science labora-tory to learn about a tropical disease called Chagas. Cha-gas is a tropical parasitic disease found in Argentina, Bo-livia and other wet areas and is primarily common in areas of extremely poor living conditions. The disease is carried by a small insect called the vinchuca.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Dirty Days
    Argentina Newsletter - October 2013

    We have held two dirty day activities in the past month going to help various projects that Pro-jects Abroad works with. Projects Abroad Human Rights volun-teers in Córdoba collaborates frequently with Basta de Trata (BdT), a local NGO that works to prevent human trade and trafficking through public education and awareness.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Human Rights Workshop
    Argentina Newsletter - September 2013

    On September 12th, the Law & Human Rights Office ran a work-shop for all volunteers with the aim of informing and raising awareness about Human Rights in Argentina. The volunteers fo-cused not only on bringing light to these issues, but also on breaking taboos and providing valuable information in regards to Argentine reality.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - PROJECT UPDATES
    Argentina Newsletter - August 2013

    On Saturday July 27th Projects Abroad volunteers took part in a volleyball game and fundraising event in the peripheral commu-nity of Nuevo Progreso, located about 20 minutes from the Pro-jects Abroad office. The fundraiser was held to benefit a one year-old boy who is suffering from a chronic illness and the fam-ily cannot afford the high costs of the monthly medications he needs.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Volunteer with children
    Argentina Newsletter - July 2013

    At the end of June we welcomed our first group of Two Week Special volunteers. There were 14 volunteers in total all in the Spanish & Care program. Their two week program held a busy schedule that included Spanish lessons, social events and a different activity every day in their respective care placements. The daily Spanish classes allowed volunteers to learn local Argentine Spanish which came in handy at their placements!

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Human Trafficking Workshop
    Argentina Newsletter - June 2013

    At the end of May, the Law & Human Rights Office of Projects Abroad Argentina had the pleasure of starting a new partnership with the local organization Basta de Trata. Basta de Trata is an organization based in Córdoba with the aim of informing and raising awareness about the issue of human trafficking.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Dental Hygiene Day
    Argentina Newsletter - May 2013

    At the end of April volunteers at the Copa de Leche care placement organized a lesson with the children of their placement to teach them the importance of brushing their teeth.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Rosie Silber-Marker
    Argentina Newsletter - April 2013

    Upon my arrival in Córdoba, Argentina, I had no idea what the country, the people, and my placements would have in store for me. Throughout the five months that have passed, I have grown so much, met so many amazing new people and experienced things that, without my trip here through Projects Abroad, I never would have gotten an opportunity to do.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Ashley Lema
    Argentina Newsletter - March 2013

    While I was finishing up my exams at the local College I attended, I was wondering to myself what will I do next? With my new diploma in Agriculture Technology- Plant and Soil Major, I wanted to find something I could apply my freshly accumulated knowledge to. I wanted to put the last two years into practice!

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Carnival Celabration
    Argentina Newsletter - February 2013

    Volunteers shared the Carnival spirit with the kids at the Copa de Leche care place- ment by making masks with the kids to celebrate. Volunteers first made the masks out of paper plates, cut out the eyes and with a rubber band to go around the child’s head.

  • Newsletter from Argentina - Karen Hendriks
    Argentina Newsletter - January 2013

    Teaching volunteer Karen Henriks from the Netherlands is our first PRO volunteer in Argentina! She is working at the Los Pimpollos summer school teaching English to groups of children ranging in ages 5 to 10 years old.